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School Based Therapy Services

About SBTS


We are an approved Agency by the New Jersey Department of Education. SBTS continues to grow and evolve to better meet the needs of the school districts we work with. Our talented and dedicated staff members are highly effective and efficient, which allows districts to lower costs without compromising the quality of care offered to students.

Bringing a Fresh Perspective


Through the years, true partnerships have been established between SBTS and school districts. The biggest beneficiaries of this innovative and collaborative approach are the STUDENTS.

Services We Offer


Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Speech Therapy
Board Certified Behavioral Analysts or BCBA

School Psychology
cial Work
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant or LDTC

Program Highlights


SBTS specializes in in-district program development for preschool disabled classrooms, integrated preschools, kindergarten and autistic/ABA classrooms, and sensory rooms. SBTS will collaborate with districts every step of the way from initial evaluations, IEP development, individualized student curriculums, program planning and monitoring, and behavioral management to implementing related services.

Therapist-owned and operated agency.

Approved Clinic and Agency as required by the NJ Department of Education.

Experience servicing districts of all sizes

Benefits of working with our team:

  • We assess current therapy caseloads, manage, and update the frequency of services for better care and efficiency

  • Our owners coordinate therapy programs in conjunction with the Director of Special Services and Child Study Team

  • Highly skilled clinicians providing speech, occupational, physical, and behavioral therapies, and child study team services.

  • We established stringent evaluation procedures that utilize well-researched, standardized assessments to ensure eligibility for educationally relevant therapy as opposed to clinic/center-based or medically based services.

    • Example: A child must score with a 33% delay in one area of functioning or have obtained a 25% delay in two or more areas of functioning to qualify for services.
    • If a child cannot participate in a standardized assessment, only well-researched observational tools/checklists are utilized, which yield baseline data reflecting current level of performance.

  • We distribute quarterly report cards and yearly progress reports containing goals that align with NJDOE Core Curriculum Content Standards.

  • We maintain therapy attendance logs and daily documentation following each session for best practice.

  • We are advocates for providing therapies within the classroom to ensure carry-over by teachers/paraprofessionals and maximize the time children spend in the least restrictive environment.

  • SBTS has competitive rates and accurate billing, which can be cross-referenced with daily therapy logs and biweekly timesheets.

Our therapists are experienced with:

  • Developing and implementing therapy programs.

  • Creating countless successful inclusion/push-in model programs in Northern NJ for the Pre-School Disabled Population.

  • Designing and carrying out successful curricula for autistic students including life skills programs, social skills classes, and integrated after-school recreational sports programs.

  • Leading multiple groups for self-contained classes focusing on fine motor, perception, sensory processing, and self-care. Groups maximize the number of students safely and appropriately treated per day while maintaining IEP compliance as well as educating teachers and staff.​

  • Lecturing at universities, hospitals, local school districts, private schools, and parent support groups.

  • School-wide initiatives such as yoga and mindfulness programs, RTI, Positive behavior and intervention supports (PBIS)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What services do you provide?
    We provide highly skilled pediatric occupational, physical, speech, and behavioral therapy as well as school psychology, social work, and learning disabilities teacher consultant services.
  • How much do you charge?
    Please contact us! We determine our costs based on many factors. For instance, the discipline, the current market of available therapists, the rates therapists are billing, the number of therapy cases, and the duration of the service agreement all impact pricing.
  • Are you a Department of Education-approved clinic or agency?
    Yes, we are an approved Clinic and Agency as required by the Department of Education.
  • Why should my school district collaborate with SBTS?
    Partnering with SBTS enables you to lower your therapy costs without compromising the quality of services provided. We offer transparent cost-effective plans to meet the budgetary limitations and unique needs of your school district.
  • Do you have references?
    Yes, we have an extensive list of professional references available for you to peruse.
  • What is your experience in servicing districts like ours?
    SBTS has relevant experience in servicing districts of all sizes and demographics, as well as specialized private schools, charter schools, and religious schools. Specifically, SBTS has a long history of providing services to schools with diverse socioeconomic and educational profiles. We are proud to state that these districts and programs choose to renew our contract year after year.
  • Do you have enough staff to cover our students?
    SBTS prides itself on our organizational ability to meet deadlines and provide dependable and effective treatment services. We go above and beyond to ensure adequate staffing to meet ongoing demand. To date, SBTS has not missed an IEP mandated therapy session due to illness, lack of coverage, oversight, etc.
  • How does your team determine if a child is eligible for therapy?
    SBTS strictly adheres to all state-mandated guidelines for evaluations and service frequency recommendations. For example, each preschooler, if able, is assessed via standardized assessments such as the Peabody-2. Recommendations are made in collaboration with the CST utilizing percentages of delay as criteria to consider. However, not all children will be able to complete standardized tests. In these cases, students will be given a functional motor assessment, results will be shared with the IEP team, and appropriate recommendations will be made. Of course, these are just some general examples. We recognize that each child is unique and has his/her own set of special needs to consider. We are always prepared to be collaborative IEP team members.
  • How do you document student attendance and progress?
    SBTS uses transparent, easy-to-read daily service logs and billing forms, which are easily interpreted, and available at all times to document student attendance. Children’s performance is recorded on daily session notes. Progress is communicated to parents via district and SBTS software programs with quarterly progress reports. Goals and Objectives are updated as needed for each individual, per district guidelines. Typically, goals/objectives are updated at the annual review.SBTS will adhere to guidelines for evaluations and service frequency recommendations.
  • My school district has a finite budget; how can I track therapy costs?
    SBTS is able to cost-effectively provide therapy services through ongoing monitoring of district expenditures. We use our state-of-the-art SBT Assistant App. This is a custom-built application for offices, therapists, and districts. This app allows SBTS to manage students' therapy schedules, daily session notes, district billing, and more.
  • Do you have an office?
    SBTS is headquartered in a modern office with a conference room, private meeting spaces, and a center-based facility stocked with state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment and the most widely used tools. SBTS maintains a full catalog of the most recent standardized evaluations.
  • What does the process of obtaining agency services look like?
    SBTS will first meet in person with your district’s administrative team. During this meeting, we will become acquainted with your unique programs and needs. We will offer cost-effective and research-based solutions to enhance your therapy programs. You may then opt to engage SBTS for related services. At this point, SBTS works to find a highly skilled and vetted therapist to provide services. If you are a new client, you may wish to meet the therapist. Alternatively, based on our 23-year track record as a leading provider of educationally relevant therapy services, you may be ready for therapies to begin. Our clinician will arrive in your school district, create the most efficient yet compliant therapy schedule and begin treating. Our clinicians are able to collaborate with the child study team, offer in-services, and collaborate with teachers, paraprofessionals, and parents. District administrators may rest assured knowing ALL of their students are receiving highly specialized, goal-oriented therapeutic services in a nurturing, safe, and fun environment.
  • Isn’t an agency more expensive than hiring our own staff?
    Partnering with SBTS enables you to lower your therapy costs without compromising the quality of services provided. We offer transparent pricing without hidden costs such as membership fees, administrative periods after each session, or additional fees for indirect time. We offer a complimentary cost analysis of your current therapy-related expenditures and will provide you with a proposed plan meeting your unique budgetary needs.
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